SaltStack Virtual User Group: Salt Pillar for Secrets Management

Virtual Salt Contributors
Wed, Jul 8, 4:00 PM (MDT)

About this event

When using any sort of automation system for either remote execution or configuration management, one of the major advantages is the ability to reduce the repetition. By using state files with SaltStack, commonly used tasks can be automated so that the next these tasks need to be performed the action is repeatable and consistent. Often in these scenarios the need to securely store and securely provide sensitive information such as passwords arises. This is where the Salt Pillar system comes in. In this talk we'll walk through some basic usage of the pillar system, including targeting, and then move onto using external systems for storing pillar information such as MySQL and Hashicorp Vault.


Gareth Greenaway

Gareth Greenaway

Senior Software Engineer - SaltStack

Gareth has been a senior software developer at SaltStack for almost 3 years, prior to joining the company he was a user and one of the top community contributors to the open source project. Gareth currently lives in Southern California with his wife, where they are owned by several pets.

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  • Cassandra Faris

    Cassandra Faris


    Community Manager