SaltStack Virtual User Group: POP Q&A

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Wed, Apr 29, 6:00 PM (MDT)

About this event

Thomas Hatch, SaltStack CTO and the creator of the Salt open source software project, will provide an overview of the Plugin Oriented Programming (POP) project for more modular, and flexible software development. He'll be available to answer questions you have about POP and its uses.

In response to the stagnation often associated with open source projects, Tom created POP with the goal of infusing creativity into Salt projects, and others, and shifting the programming paradigm. Instead of unwieldy, sprawling projects that drain creators to a proportionally increasing degree that tracks the scale of the program, Thomas created a programming model characterized by modularity.

Because modular environments are more pliable and extensible, modular programming empowers teams to collaborate and interface more effectively, even as they enable large scale development. Essentially, such a paradigm builds a freedom and flexibility into the process of development that traditional models can’t achieve. Moreover, such a dynamic frees creators from the parasitic relationship that come to characterize many open source projects as they require more and more of their creator’s time and energy.

In this presentation, Tom will talk about why he created POP and how he’s applied it to several new projects to make a positive impact on the sustainability of Salt.


Thomas Hatch

Thomas Hatch

CTO - SaltStack

Tom is the technical founder and CTO of SaltStack, and the creator and benevolent dictator of the Salt open source project.

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