Salt Community PR Merge Jam

Happy Friday! We're gearing up for the Community PR Merge Jam July 28-30 and I wanted to share the details with everyone. This event will run like a code jam or hackathon and is a great way to contribute to the Salt project regardless of your experience level. 

- The PR Merge Jam will be live on Zoom and Twitch 8am-4pm MT/2pm-10pm UTC. 
- We'll kick off with opening remarks from Tom Hatch and end with a few lightning talks.
- Before and during the Jam, you can view the backlog of PRs that need ported and merged and select those that you'd like to work on. 
- During the event, Salt core team members will be available via Zoom, Twitch, and the #pr-merge-jam Slack channel to help with your PRs, tests, questions, and working to burn down the backlog.
- The Salt Core Team has published a Merge Jam Guide so you can set up your machines and view the PR backlog ahead of time. 

To RSVP, visit the Virtual Salt Contributors page. Whether you can be there for an hour or the entire 3 days, all are welcome to join! Everyone who participates will receive a package of SaltStack goodies.

I hope to see you next week!