Salt Air 37 – Command and Control Kubernetes and Docker with SaltStack

Gareth Greenaway, SaltStack senior software engineer, joins me on this Salt Air episode to demonstrate automated management of a Kubernetes cluster running on 12 Raspberry Pis.

Watch this episode of Salt Air to see Gareth demonstrate SaltStack event-driven command and control of a Kubernetes and Docker environment running on 12 Raspberry Pi 3 nodes with SD cards, a simple network switch, and an LED light board to visually show activity in the cluster.

SaltStack intelligent automation is unique in providing event-driven orchestration, management, and security of any infrastructure at scale, from Kubernetes to network devices or any public cloud.

To learn more about SaltStack intelligent automation for the management and security of Kubernetes make sure to attend the Container Journal Virtual Summit titled, “Exploring Uncharted Waters – Understanding the Kubernetes Ecosystem,” on Thursday, August 8, 2019 at 10:00AM ET. Gareth will be speaking alongside Moe Anderson, SaltStack VP of engineering, about using SaltStack for command and control of a Kubernetes infrastructure.

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