Automating Network Operations with Salt 2019.2.0 (Fluorine)

Automating network operations is a complex challenge for organizations both big and small. And the challenge is often compounded by disparate tools, multiple network operating systems from different network equipment vendors which often requires staff to work with different technologies, low-level utilities and command line interfaces (CLI). 

Simple tasks we now take for granted, such as updating software, is extremely complex and error prone for network devices. At SaltConf18 last year the IBM Cloud team shared how they worked with Cisco to use SaltStack to automate and scale control of their massive and very complex network environment. This year at SaltConf19 we have an entire training course track focused on NetOps along with many breakout sessions highlighting the use of SaltStack network automation.

With the release of Salt 2019.2.0 we are now bringing the same scale and automation to control many more network devices.

In the 2019.2.0 Fluorine release we have expanded our network automation support by adding additional API’s, module and switch support. Thanks to the many community contributions we are continually expanding the network devices and APIs Salt can support. The following network automation features have been added into the 2019.2.0 release:

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