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We take pride in being one of the largest, friendliest, and most-active open source communities in the world. We are here to collaborate with you to create the only intelligent infrastructure automation on the planet. We hope you join us.

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Get hands on with Salt with nothing to install and step-by-step instructions using the SaltStack hosted tutorials. Or dive into the details with Salt getting started documentation or the SaltStack YouTube channel. Learn to automate and secure IT with SaltStack.

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Join dozens of dedicated, active channels in the SaltStack community Slack workspace. If Slack isn’t your thing, we’re still going strong on IRC and the “salt-users” mailing list. Ask and answer questions to collaborate. Or contribute to Salt on GitHub.

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The world-famous SaltStack stickers, hats, socks, and more are all available in the SaltStack store. Get your official SaltStack swag here.

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